St Nicholas Parish Church Fleetwood

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with our friendly Church community.

Join us @ Sunday Worship; -

     Help as Sides people. - welcoming and handing out prayer books and hymn books etc.

     Sing in the Choir.

     Help serve coffee and tea.

     Help with the Readings.

Join the Mothers' Union.

Get involved with the Ladies Fellowship

Volunteer for one of the committees.

     The PCC

     Social Committee






A letter from the PCC


Dear Friends in Christ,

The PCC are looking forward to working together to care for our beautiful church and our community whilst Fr Paul is away on his Sabbatical. We offer a very warm welcome to visiting clergy who will step in and help on both Sundays and at weekday services during this period of time.


The first month has gone very well and services have been well attended and run smoothly.  We will strive to continue to make these occasions happy and joyous.


Lent will shortly be upon us and we would suggest that, instead of giving something up at this time of year, we think of ways we can help each other and look for means of supporting people, especially those in our local community. Look out for ways you can do a kind deed or say a prayer for someone who needs some support. Throughout the world we see anguish and pain, acts of destruction and suffering and, if we can help, especially to those people closer to home, then like ripples across a pool we might connect and make a difference.


The PCC will continue to do their best in the forthcoming months but we ask that any concerns or worries or suggestions be brought to our attention so we can discuss them at our next meeting.


Our heartfelt thanks go to all those people who will support us and work with us during this time so as to provide a warm, welcoming place of worship for everyone at St Nicholas.


We will work together, we will work as one,

Though there may be times when we don't 'get on'.


We may not always see 'eye to eye',

And sometimes we feel like saying 'good-bye'.

When this happens we shouldn't lose heart

For of 'something greater' we are all a part.


Each one of us has a role to play

In making this a brighter day;

We work together for the good of all

It's in our hearts where we feel the call.


God’s love lives within every heart that shares,

And every soul that really cares.

So whenever you feel like going away

Just listen to your heart for it wants you to stay.


With every best wish


PCC members