St Nicholas Parish Church Fleetwood


St Nicholas mission in the parish of Fleetwood was founded in Wyre Street in 1908, meeting in the cottages in that street. Soon a modest mission church was built, but this was washed away in the floods of 1927. The present site was acquired and in the 1930’s an ambitious plan for a new church, school, vicarage and hall was drawn up. However, only the Broadway Rooms were built and worship continued in a ‘temporary’ wooden church (part of which survived up until August 2007 as a scout hut).


The foundation stone of the present church, designed by Laurence King, was laid in October 1960 and the site hallowed by Bishop Claxton, Bishop of Blackburn. It was intended to consecrate the church, but this could not happen because a substantial loan was secured by the building. Thus it was on the 27th April 1962 that Bishop Hoskyns-Abrahall, Bishop of Lancaster, dedicated the building for the worship of Almighty God.


The building was consecrated in 1987 when the church became the parish church of the new parish of St Nicholas, Fleetwood. Insert body text here...